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Along with our certified local install partners, we have installed over 40,000 solar panels in New England and have over 40 years of experience in the solar industry. Thousands of people have requested a solar savings report to see how much money they can save on their electricity costs this year and for years to come. Let Nuera Solar, New England’s most trusted solar company, answer all your solar questions today so you don’t have to wait any longer to start saving money and take an active role in preserving our beautiful planet.

Will solar work on my home?

What direction does my home face? What is the pitch of my roof? Does my roof get enough sunlight? Is there too much shade? How much roof space will I need? Will all the panels fit? And most importantly.. will it look good?

By using satellite imagery, our brilliant Solar engineers will create a model of your home to determine the orientation of your home, the pitch of your roof, create a shading assessment and performance estimates to determine the best possible placement for you panels. Your Solar Savings Report will show you where the most optimal place is for those panels, how many you will need and how awesome it will look on your roof! Just like this one, except it’ll be your home:

What will your home look like with solar panels on it?

Will I get all my power from solar or will I still have a power bill?

After creating an assessment of your home, your solar savings report will give you an estimate of how much solar power your home can create to offset your use.  In the first example only 84% of their power could be offset by solar.  In that situation, this customer would still receive a bill from their utility for the small amount that was remaining.  In the second situation all the power that this customer would need could be generated from their solar system and they wouldn’t be billed by the utility.

Which one will your home look like?

How much will going solar cost?

What federal, or state tax credits do I qualify for? Does my local utility offer any incentives?  Will they buy the excess power that I create from my solar system and don’t use? Can I do this with no money out of pocket?  How long will it take for my system to pay for itself?

These are all great questions and when you receive your solar savings report it will give you answers to all of these questions. Many of these answers depend on where you live, how many panels you will need and how you choose to apply the tax credits you receive.

For example, this customer lives in Massachusetts and has qualified SREC sales to National Grid. His Nuera Solar Savings Report shows him that with no money down he qualifies for a $15,075 Federal Tax Credit, A $1,000 State Tax Credit and SREC sales to National Grid of $24,548 over the next 10 years.  Using his savings to pay down the system his cost would only be $9,628 and could be paid off in as little as 9 years. In addition, he would save nearly $77,806 over the next 25 years vs. paying all that money to National Grid over the next 25 years for traditional power.

What tax credits and incentives do you qualify for? How much will you save?

Am I really throwing money out the window if I don't go solar?

What is my power bill going to look like in 20 years?  What will it cost me if I do nothing and just keep paying the utility company every month for my power?

Traditional Power

· Enslaves you to rent your power at ever-increasing power rates
· In 10 years you have nothing to show for the money you have spent
· You bolster an industry that can cause global warming

Solar Power

· Empowers you own your power at a low, fixed rate
· Once your investment is paid off you generate free power for decades to come
· You champion and advocate for clean power that can save our planet

In your Nuera Solar Savings Report you will see the rate your utility has been increasing over the last 25 years and how much it is likely to increase over the next 25. When you compare that to what you will be paying to create your own power (and no longer be beholden to whatever your utility wants to charge you) you will see how much money going solar will save you over the next 25 years.

If I change nothing about my electricity usage, how much money will I spend on power over the next 25 years?

Will going solar increase the value of my home?

In many states a solar system can increase your homes value by 20X your annual energy bill savings.  Often the state also exempts the home from a property tax increase on that increase in value for up to 20 years.  In your Nuera Solar Savings Report find out what the average increase in value could be for your home and if your state offers the property tax exemption.

This Massachusetts customer would be saving an average of $246 a month, and $2,952 a year.  By going solar, they could increase the value of their home by over $59,000 and since they live in Massachusetts, they will receive a 20-year property tax exemption on that increase.

How much more could my home be worth with solar?

Does just my solar system really make an impact on the environment?

You may be surprised to find out how much of a difference each one of us can make. By going solar, you are directly improving the environment for your family and your neighbors.  The larger your system, the larger the impact. When you receive your Nuera Solar Savings Report, you will see your system can reduce your carbon footprint significantly, with an impact equivalent to:


Gallons of gasoline will not be burned


Homes not using traditional power


Trees growing for 10 years


Eliminated tons of waste sent to landfill

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“So far so good! Our solar panels were just installed today and we're excited to get up and running. It's going to be SO nice to taking advantage of leveraging the sun to work our way toward independence from the grid.”

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“Nuera Solar does a tremendous job at guiding customers through the sales process! Going solar with Nuera is painless and simple!”

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“Super job by Nuera. Excellent personnel. Very painless process. Absolutely recommend to anyone looking into Solar. Very glad we did it. ”

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