No money down, 30% tax rebate, and solar financing that’s less than your power bill

Millions of homeowners across the nation are adding solar for less than the cost of paying the utility company. Take the example of a homeowner who was paying an average of $120 a month to his utility company for electricity. With a conservative 4% annual increase in utilities, he would pay $68,727 over the next 25 years. The payment on a 25-year loan for an equivalent solar system cost him $100 a month. His 25-year savings is $38,727.  Since his solar loan did not require any money down, his savings started the very first month. And every year as the utility company’s fees go up, his solar cost stays the same, until he owns the solar system.

30% federal tax rebate

Our government is so concerned about our dependency on fossil fuels and the devastating affects of C02 pollution that they are paying homeowners an average of $10,000 each to go solar. Read more about the affects of C02 pollution. The solar tax incentive is also bringing a substantial savings over the rising cost of utilities, potentially saving solar owners tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a solar system. Read more about the federal solar tax rebate.

In other words, by going solar you can save money on your utilities AND help save our planet. Many U.S. states are also adding their own solar tax rebates to sweeten the deal.

Solar tax rebates by state

Most states offer their own solar rebates, on top of the federal tax rebates. When you request a solar quote we will do the research to find any and all available rebates for your home. Find out what Tax rebates and local incentives you may qualify for by requesting a Solar Savings Report today!